When Josh and Kaylee told me their wedding was going to be at the Marland Mansion in Ponca City I got really excited. I had never been and had heard it was beautiful. What everyone said about it couldn't compare to how amazingly gorgeous it really was! Kaylee told me that she had gone there ever since she was little and that's what made it so special to her. I could definitely see why! What more could I really ask for with such a beautiful couple and location. Kaylee started getting ready early that afternoon in a cute little room they reserved for the bride in the mansion. I had so much fun roaming around the mansion and taking pictures of Kaylee. She looked absolutely ravishing! Kaylee and Josh didn't want to see each other before the wedding, so I found a great place where they could hold hands with each other without revealing the first look reserved for the walk down the aisle. After the heart felt wedding and great food from Rib Crib everyone headed to the dance floor, especially the kiddos! As the night went on the DJ did a game with the newlyweds where they sat back to back. When they thought the statement the DJ said pertained to Kaylee they would raise the flowers and when they thought it sounded more like Josh they would raise the glass. This was one of those weddings were I just kept thinking to myself "I love my job." One of the great things that came out of it all was the people. I loved being able to capture all of their memories from a very special day.