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Floral: Poppy Lane Designs

Venue: Coles Garden

Catering: Abbey Road Catering 

Dress: Bella Rose Bridal

Makeup: Briauna Stewart

Hair: Karim Kokojan

Video: Atria Creative

Second Shooter: Lauren Grigg

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Crane Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/10/crane-wedding Clint and Karlie was married outside of Wister, OK at Mountain Creek Meadows. It's located close to the Arkansas border and by the Ouachita Mountains. Jesse and I even made an adventure of it and camped at Lake Wister with our pup Willow after the wedding. Everything was absolutely beautiful and they had put so much thought and work into their day. Seriously that wedding party table is a masterpiece! The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was a cool fall day with just a soft breeze. Karlie and Clint are such sweet people and I wish them many years of happiness in their marriage. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their wedding day down below. 





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Hickman Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/10/hickman-wedding Austin and Samantha were married at the First Baptist Church in Woodward, OK. The day started at Samantha's home where she was getting ready with her bridesmaids. The maid of honor had set up the cutest little brunch setup with mini quiche's, cheese board, juice bar, and other yummy foods. Austin and Samantha then did their first look at his parent's house. One of my favorite things was the Scripture&Sign. They had guest highlight and sign their favorite bible verse in the couple's bible. What a sweet and cherished thing to have throughout their marriage. After the ceremony, the newlywed couple and their guests danced the night away at the Woodward Conference Center. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their wedding day down below!

Second Shooter: Lauren Grigg

Flowers: The Flower Pot

Dress: Bella Rose Bridal

Cake: Sweet Surprises Bakery

Catering: Ramiro's Mexican Restaurant 

Hair: Kelsey Grogan

Makeup: Jacqueline Sandoval

Invitations: AP Letters

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Our 5th Anniversary http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/10/our-5th-anniversary It's crazy to think that Jesse and I will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary this month. We starting dating in the fall of 2009 so that makes us together for 8 years! It's amazing how deeply you get to know a person after that amount of time. Something I learned is we are constantly evolving as humans and it's like learning to love a whole new person with each passing year. We are not the same people we were as high school sweethearts. We have learned to grow together. Notice I didn't say it just happened naturally. And even though we got married young I believe no matter what age you marry we are all constantly changing and growing. Marriage is something you have to work at and sometimes it's really hard. But what you get through all the hard work there is another human that knows you more than anyone else on the planet and is there for you through thick and thin. Jesse has been my solid ground when I get weary. He helps me to see clearly when my mind is a mess. Is he sometimes the one that makes me weary and my mind a mess? Yes. But we work through it and our relationship gets stronger for it. Things that used to really irk me when we first got married doesn't even phase me. And I know he has had to put up with a lot with me over the years. The main reason I am sharing these thoughts with you is I have the attention of a lot of newlywed couples and I just wanted to give you some insight. Marriage is not always pretty, in fact many of the things you discover about your spouse arn't. We as humans are flawed. You can't find a "perfect" person out there. But after 5 years what I have learned is having a partner in life that helps you and loves you unconditionally is worth it. And that bond grows ever stronger through out the years. Marriage, there's nothing on earth that compares to it. There were times I wanted to give up but I realized the very same thing would happen with any relationship. Many people jump from relationship to relationship when the going gets tough. Then they can just get the good "just new" parts. The problem with this mindset is with each passing relationship the loneliness gets bigger. They put trust and effort into a relationship and then abandon it all, again and again. It's sort of like paying rent vs buying a house. Yes the upkeep sucks when you own a house but after you get it paid off you can relax, enjoy and actually have an investment. Not to mention all the life long memories to be shared in a home. Of course just like you better make sure it's the exact house you are wanting it goes even more so for picking out a spouse. So it should be done with much thought and prayer. God is what has bound Jesse and I together on October 14, 2012. He has not left our side, he has been our solid foundation when we both get weary. He has directed us in the path we are to take. That is a huge key-factor in our marriage. Okay I'll stop rambling but it has been on my heart to share this message with you about marriage. And I know I have so much more to learn in the coming years with Jesse.


Photos were taken by Magnolia Adam's Photography. She did a wonderful job and I would always recommend hiring someone to do your photos vs trying to do them yourself. I have did the whole tripod thing and it is so much less stress free and you get WAY better results when having them professionally done. Plus it was an adventure! We had so much fun!

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Garrett and Alma Gore Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/9/garrettalma Garrett and Alma Gore's wedding was absolutely gorgeous! It definitely lived up to their hashtag #GOREgeous wedding. There was so many stunning details it's like eye candy on steroids! It was absolutely perfect for the two of them. They are both very ambitious. Garrett graduated with an engineering degree from Oklahoma University and got his pilots license to boot. Alma competed in the Miss Oklahoma pageant and was the Miss Oklahoma Teen USA in 2011. She also graduated from Oklahoma University with two different degrees! It blows my mind that they planned this wedding all while doing that! I am so blessed to be able to call them my friends. They are going to go so far with each other's support! I am so genuinely happy for the both of them that they found each other. See some of my favorites from their wedding day down below!

Rentals: Marianne's Rentals

Shoes: Chantilly Couture

Bouquets and Centerpieces:: Kasse Duffy Designs

Floral accents: Meliza Interiors

Dj: Austin Smith

Second Shooter: Lauren Grigg

Mariachi Band: Mariachi Orgullo de America 

Photobooth: TapSnap

Cake: Deidre Archer

Coffee Bar: Delizioso's



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Lauren Senior 2018 http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/9/lauren-senior-2018 I don't photograph seniors very often but I when I get the chance to I absolutely love it! Hint: If your a senior keep me in mind, wink, wink! Lauren is such a sweet girl and a joy to take pictures of. She was shy at first but by the middle of the session she was a pro! I would barely have to describe the pose I was wanting her to do and she would naturally go into it. Lauren plays softball and attends Chisholm High School in Enid, OK. See some of my favorites from this beauties senior session down below!

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Hayden and Madison Engagement http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/9/hayden-and-madison-engagement Hayden and Madison met at a camp in Colorado. Madison is from Oklahoma and Hayden is from Tennessee. With much distance between them it sees to have made their love that much sweeter. They were absolutely adorable during their session! Their wedding will be at the Big V Ranch in June. Check out a few of my favorites from their session down below.

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Shawn+Melissa Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/9/shawn-melissa-wedding Shawn and Melissa Fadum's wedding at The Ranch of the Saints was absolutely beautiful! With Melissa being an interior designer I knew it would be a wedding with style, what I didn't know until meeting Shawn and Melissa is how fun and cute they were together. Other highlights of the day included the flower girl handing out petals to each guest on her way down the isle, the fun yard games being played, and all the stellar dance moves out on the dance floor. My favorite design elements to the day was Melissa's stunning dress from Chantilly Couture, the color popping blooms from Haleigh Kenney at XO events and design and the gorgeous invitation suite the talented bride made herself! Check out some of my favorites from their wedding day down below!

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Nathan+Sunni Engagement http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/9/nathanandsunni When Sunni told me she wanted me to shoot her and Nathan's wedding, I couldn't haven't been more happy! Their wedding is this January at Coles Garden. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session down below, we even added in Cooper the cutie for some family photos!






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Stidham Family 2017 http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/8/stidham-family-2017 It's always a joy to photograph the Stidham family. Their family has been coming to me since the very beginning of Hope Photography and I am so thankful to them for choosing me for all their portrait needs throughout the years. My work has grown and so have they since their first session! With every new one I do for them it ends up being my favorite. Enjoy some of my favorites from their most recent session down below. If you can't tell there was lots of giggling going on!

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Tyson+Kaci Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/8/tyson-kaci-wedding Tyson and Kaci had such a beautiful wedding that fit them as a couple to a T. They were married in the mountains of Westcliffe, CO. They are both from Oklahoma but have always loved spending their free time in the mountains. We were blessed with such a beautiful day to celebrate this Mr. & Mrs.! The temperature was perfect and it was overcast which thankfully didn't turn into rain during the outside ceremony. Even for being an out of state wedding, there were so many family and friends that traveled to be a part of their wedding day. I am so happy for Tyson and Kaci on their new marriage! Feel some love by viewing some of my favorite stunning details and heartfelt moments from their day below!

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Trevor + Phallyn Brock Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/7/trevor-and-phallyn I was so honored to photograph Trevor and Phallyn's wedding. The ceremony was held at Elm Grove Community Church and the reception was held at their new home. I went to school with both Trevor and Phallyn and I am so happy they found each other. That is one of the beautiful things about a hometown wedding is we all get to watch them grow up, get together, and have their happy ending. Though I will say that I truly believe the phrase "happy ending" is meant for fairytales, in real life marriage is actually a "happy beginning". I am so happy for Trevor and Phallyn to begin their life together.  Please enjoy seeing a few of my favorites from their wedding day down below. 


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Matt+Lezlie Engagement http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/6/matt-lezlie-engagement Matt and Lezlie's engagement session was absolutely beautiful! It was a bit warm but the light was stunning! Through out the session they laughed together and it was like they were the only ones in the world. Anyone could tell how good of friends they are. This session was a breeze to shoot with such a gorgeous couple. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session below.

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Shawn+Melissa Engagement http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/5/shawnmelissa-engagement Shawn and Melissa's engagement session was a blast! I mean what other job can you have where you can go to an awesome coffee shop and ride a Ferris wheel? We started the evening in Automobile Alley's Coffee Slingers and made our way over to the Wheeler District where they have so many amazing things including a Ferris wheel by a river! Shawn and Melissa are such a sweet couple and I really enjoyed spending time with them. The evening was warm but as the sun began to set it became a perfect summer night. I am so excited to shoot more of this lovely couple in September at their wedding! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the session below!

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Austin and Samantha Engagement http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/5/austin-and-samantha-engagement Austin and Samantha are such a sweet couple. I will be photographing their wedding in Woodward, OK this September. They brought their pup Shadow to the session, he rocked it with his floral collar! I helped Samantha with her outfit choices and when she sent me the picture of her floral dress I could already envision the pictures in my head. Immediately the Notebook came to mind and I knew the pond dock would make for the perfect location! So go ahead and check out this beautiful couple and all the prettiness down below!

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Derek and Jordan Engagement http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/5/derrick-and-jordan-engagement Derek and Jordan's engagement session was a blast! There is almost always something crazy happening with the weather in Oklahoma but it was seriously the most perfect day! There was no wind, (which is crazy in itself!) lots of sun and the temperature was just right. I met up with Jordan and her mom Cindy in my home office before hand to talk about all the fun wedding day details. I am so honored to photograph Derek and Jordan's wedding on November 11, 2017 in Clinton, OK. When they had mentioned having a gathering space filled with Ruby's Vintage Rentals I knew it was going to be such a beautiful wedding! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session below!

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Chase and Kelsey Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/5/chase-and-kelsey-wedding Chase and Kelsey's wedding was held at The Homeplace in Meno, OK. The day began with the girls getting ready in their hotel room they all slept in the night before. They had spent the night before getting everything decorated at the venue. Unfortunately it poured rain like crazy and the ground was all soggy. When we arrived to the venue on wedding day it was still a little muddy out but had dried up tremendously compared to the previous day. The sun was out and we did our best to find the drier spots on the ground to walk on. It ended up beautiful! I grew up with Kelsey so it was such an honor that she would choose me to photograph her big day. Kelsey was always gifted when it came to making things and she had definitely crafted this wedding to fit her and Chase. I love the cowhide rug they got married on and the horns on their wedding party table! The girls absolutely looked fabulous! I was so in love with all the different styles of dresses! Everyone ended the night with dancing, sparklers, and giving a helping hand on clean up because Chase and Kelsey was leaving for Hawaii the next morning! Thank you Chase and Kelsey for everything! You guys are such a sweet, laid back, and genuine people. I am wishing you the blessings in your marriage! See some of my favorites down below!

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Marble and Greenery http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/4/marble-and-greenery-shoot Marble and Greenery was the inspiration for this shoot. The three descriptive words that we used was elegant, organic, and romantic. We had a wonderful collaboration of artists that brought this all together. I seriously think of this as the "dream team". I have worked with the majority of these women in the past and it was so nice to catch up. I also had the chance to work with some new businesses as well and it was so nice getting to know them! After our shoot we all sat down to a dinner that Grassroots prepared for us and just connected, it is so refreshing! Sometimes as creative business owners we don't really have coworkers to share things with so it's wonderful to have these relationships that are so needed. I honestly am blown away with how well this shoot came out! I am so in love with it and I hope it inspires you!

Hair and Makeup: Cat at Brushed Salon

Stationary: Laurel & Marie, LLC

Venue: Grassroots Vintage Farmhouse

Bridal Apparel & Accessories: Chantilly Couture

Rentals: Grassroots Vintage

Cake & Bakery: The Roundhouse Bakery

Floral: Kasse Duffy Designs

Models: Garrett Gore and Alma Sandoval

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Kameron and Courtney Kralik Wedding http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/4/kameron-and-courtney-kralik-wedding Kameron and Courtney's wedding was at 81 Ranch in Enid, OK. It was a beautiful spring day with everything beginning to bloom. Everything ran so smoothly thanks to event coordinator Melanie Gray. After the short and sweet ceremony guests danced the night away and ate the scrumptious feast from Jumbo Foods. Some of my favorite highlight moments from the day was when the bridesmaids saw Courtney in her dress, watching Courtney's Grandpa break it down, and saying a sweet goodbye to the newlyweds. I am so happy for you Mr. & Mrs. Kralik your day was truly a fairytale! Enjoy some favorites from their day below! 


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Flourish Collective 2017 http://more.hopesimage.com/blog/2017/2/flourish-collective-2017 I am so happy I could be a part of Flourish Collective 2017. The day was filled with beautiful setups, laughs shared with other photographers, and scrumptious food. What more could a girl ask for?! In an industry where we can constantly feel lonely and not good enough it was great to meet with fellow photographers who knew exactly how you feel. This has definitely resparked a creative fire in me. Check out some of the prettiness that went down below. 

And in case you were wondering here are the vendors involved:

Host: @kelcyleighx

Venue: @rosemaryridgeeventvenue

Florals: @forthandfloral

Dresses: @bellabride

HMU: @lexifaughthair

Rings: @jewelsbysimpson

Coordination: @vedhoff

Cake: @youneedacake

Stationary: @creativelyns
Models: @kirbyjallen + @kendallhallen / @briannalair + @kylelair / @beccadnae / @jennycgentry


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