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Okay, so one of my goals for Hope Photography is to get more personal on my blog. For 2016, the plan is to share a little less weddings/sessions and share a little bit more about myself and post things that will hopefully help and inspire brides in the wedding planning process. Truth is I live and breathe weddings, I'm kind of a wedding addict. So for this post I want to share with you some of my favorite wedding cakes I have had the honor of eating at the different weddings I've shot. Wedding Cake, oh my gosh. I'm not going to lie, it's one of the things that keeps me going mentally and physically during a wedding. haha Some of the following cakes I love for their beauty, and some by the amazing taste which can't be figured out by looking at a website or magazine ad.​ These really aren't in any particular order, but rather they all have their special things about them. Enjoy my honest review!


So I'll start off with a strong favorite. This Cake was done by Round House Bakery. How awesome is that watercolor cake! Along with being absolutely unique with all her different techniques, they are also made with wholesome ingredients. She also bakes all her cakes from scratch and uses local and organic ingredients. Since this was a styled shoot I was fortunate enough to get to know Kayla and she is such a sweetheart!

*Note a variety or several smaller cakes looks amazing!


This cake just pops! The bride actually is a cake decorator herself and this was the company she used to work for before she moved to Colorado. I LOVE when fresh flowers are on a cake! I also love how there were lights placed behind the cake to give it a pretty background. Okay, enough about how beautiful this cake was... it also tasted amazing! She had each tier a different flavor. This wedding was 6 months ago and I still remember the yummy champagne flavored one! This cake was done by County Line Bakery.

*I can't stress enough how much natural light affects the appetizing look of a cake, not only for pictures, but for guests eating it too!



This cake was done by the amazing Amy Cakes. I have had several brides have Amy do their cakes, and every one of them was delicious! Her impeccable design work is amazing! Look at those gold roses she made! This cake also stood out to me because it had some subtle color. I love me some ombre! Though I can't remember the exact flavor of this cake, I remember another cake I ate that she did was a spice cake. It made a spice cake lover out of me! 

*Those waves are buttercream. Yes that means melt in your mouth deliciousness!


So maybe you want something different than your "typical wedding cake". Nothing Bundt Cakes are fabulous! This bride gave her guests some options. My favorite was the White Chocolate Raspberry. How cute is that custom cake topper though?! 

*Ribbon pipe and drape can really help create simple, but cute, background for your cake and give it depth vs  placing it on a blank wall or in front of a busy background. 



Once again this shows what a world of difference natural light and fresh flowers can make to a cake. And that custom copper wire topper...be still my heart! This cake was made by Rosebeary's Designs in Baking. It was just as scrumptious as it looks too!  

*I love how this cake was pulled from the background to help separate it from the background, but letting it show the beauty of the space.



So this is the cake that I ordered for my parents 25th anniversary. Andrea Howard Cakes did an amazing job! I am so in love with metallics and since 25 years is silver it was a must! By the way, that is not tin foil, it is actually edible! It makes my mouth water just thinking about how good it was! The top tier was chocolate and the bottom was classic vanilla with a raspberry buttercream. Even the sugar ruffles at the bottom were tasty! Their anniversary was in December which means it gets darker a lot sooner. If I were to do one thing different it would have been to ask if it could be delivered earlier so I could have gotten the natural light coming through the window to light it. 

*My favorite time to photograph a cake is 30 minutes prior to the ceremony when it is freshly delivered and before it gets dark outside.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these tidbits about cake. If there is something specific you would like me to blog about, just let me know in the comments

section below! Have a great week!


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