Our 2016 Colorado Vacation

July 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

It's crazy to think that just earlier this week Jesse, Willow and I were in Colorado. Before that we haden't been on vacation since our honeymoon back in 2012! It was so nice to just take a break and go on an adventure. Our first night we stayed in South Fork, CO at a Bed and Breakfast Lodge. It was so much fun to see how dog-friendly Colorado was. Almost everyone we met had a pup with them too. The second day we went to Creede, CO. We visited a mining museum and had some fun in a nearby stream. While we were in Creede we ate at a Mac & Cheese Food Truck but of course it was not up to standards with Jesse the King of Mac & Cheese. After doing some shopping downtown we went up into the mountains to find a place to camp. We went in the complete wilderness, no running water or electricity! But oh my gosh was it beautiful! There was a creek run right beside where we camped and the rocky mountains surrounded us. To be honest I absolutely loved it. Cool evenings by the fire, looking up at the stars as you fall asleep, and waking up in the chilly mornings to the smell of bacon and hot cocoa was just pure bliss. On the third day we packed up and moved to a different camping spot closer to Pagosa Springs. This campsite was lux compared to the first night, bathroom across the pathway and all. It didn't have the views like the first night nor the cool mornings since it was only about 7,000 elevation compared to the 9,500 elevation we were at the night before. The last two nights we stayed in Pagosa Springs, CO at High Country Lodge and Cabins. The funnest thing we did while we were there was tubing down the river that flowed through the town. The water was 75 degrees from the hot springs being poured into it. It was so much fun going down the rapid parts. While in Pagosa we also did the Wildlife Animal Park Tour and Hot Springs. Our vacation was such a blast and I will dearly miss all the yummy and unique food places. Now I'm already thinking about what we should do for our next vacation! Where have you been on vacation that you really loved? I have got to keep my mind busy thinking of our next vacation so I'm not so sad that this one is over! haha



Leah Ross(non-registered)
AweSoMe NeWs!!! So very much NeeDeD by U both, I mean three!!! BleSSeD ♡♡♡
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