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Our 5th Anniversary

October 03, 2017  •  3 Comments

It's crazy to think that Jesse and I will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary this month. We starting dating in the fall of 2009 so that makes us together for 8 years! It's amazing how deeply you get to know a person after that amount of time. Something I learned is we are constantly evolving as humans and it's like learning to love a whole new person with each passing year. We are not the same people we were as high school sweethearts. We have learned to grow together. Notice I didn't say it just happened naturally. And even though we got married young I believe no matter what age you marry we are all constantly changing and growing. Marriage is something you have to work at and sometimes it's really hard. But what you get through all the hard work there is another human that knows you more than anyone else on the planet and is there for you through thick and thin. Jesse has been my solid ground when I get weary. He helps me to see clearly when my mind is a mess. Is he sometimes the one that makes me weary and my mind a mess? Yes. But we work through it and our relationship gets stronger for it. Things that used to really irk me when we first got married doesn't even phase me. And I know he has had to put up with a lot with me over the years. The main reason I am sharing these thoughts with you is I have the attention of a lot of newlywed couples and I just wanted to give you some insight. Marriage is not always pretty, in fact many of the things you discover about your spouse arn't. We as humans are flawed. You can't find a "perfect" person out there. But after 5 years what I have learned is having a partner in life that helps you and loves you unconditionally is worth it. And that bond grows ever stronger through out the years. Marriage, there's nothing on earth that compares to it. There were times I wanted to give up but I realized the very same thing would happen with any relationship. Many people jump from relationship to relationship when the going gets tough. Then they can just get the good "just new" parts. The problem with this mindset is with each passing relationship the loneliness gets bigger. They put trust and effort into a relationship and then abandon it all, again and again. It's sort of like paying rent vs buying a house. Yes the upkeep sucks when you own a house but after you get it paid off you can relax, enjoy and actually have an investment. Not to mention all the life long memories to be shared in a home. Of course just like you better make sure it's the exact house you are wanting it goes even more so for picking out a spouse. So it should be done with much thought and prayer. God is what has bound Jesse and I together on October 14, 2012. He has not left our side, he has been our solid foundation when we both get weary. He has directed us in the path we are to take. That is a huge key-factor in our marriage. Okay I'll stop rambling but it has been on my heart to share this message with you about marriage. And I know I have so much more to learn in the coming years with Jesse.


Photos were taken by Magnolia Adam's Photography. She did a wonderful job and I would always recommend hiring someone to do your photos vs trying to do them yourself. I have did the whole tripod thing and it is so much less stress free and you get WAY better results when having them professionally done. Plus it was an adventure! We had so much fun!


Leah Ross(non-registered)
HaPpy HaPpy Anniversary! =}
BLESSED beyond words!! ♡
ThanKs be to GOD!!
LuV U Both! ♡
Beautifully written from the heart, Dani! The pics are amazing!
Happily ever after anniversary! <3
I knew it was serious business when......(non-registered)
First I want to say, I knew Jesse was hooked when I saw the pink Camouflage pass my door, heading down the hall in my house. I thought, what was that? When I poked my head out, to look and see, there was Danielle my heart smiled.... As Jesse had never really been one to chase girls. He was more interested in hunting, fishing and trapping poor little unsuspecting animals! So when I saw the Pink Camouflage, I knew something was up! She knew what he liked to do, and instead of trying to distract him from his passion, she joined him. What an amazing gal! I have always known Danielle. I knew her when she was in diapers, and my friend babysat her and I knew her as a teenager. She was faithful to attend youth group I was involved with; I even had the opportunity to work with her for the Miss Seiling high school pageant! I have been so honored. To call her a daughter, for the past five years. Danielle, you are amazing to me. I look forward to many years of conversations and fun times with you. Thank you for just being you!!!! Lee and I love you very much and are so thankful that you and Jesse are together... So thankful you are the one the LORD chose to be in Jesse's life and ours!
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