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Chase and Kelsey Wedding

May 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Chase and Kelsey's wedding was held at The Homeplace in Meno, OK. The day began with the girls getting ready in their hotel room they all slept in the night before. They had spent the night before getting everything decorated at the venue. Unfortunately it poured rain like crazy and the ground was all soggy. When we arrived to the venue on wedding day it was still a little muddy out but had dried up tremendously compared to the previous day. The sun was out and we did our best to find the drier spots on the ground to walk on. It ended up beautiful! I grew up with Kelsey so it was such an honor that she would choose me to photograph her big day. Kelsey was always gifted when it came to making things and she had definitely crafted this wedding to fit her and Chase. I love the cowhide rug they got married on and the horns on their wedding party table! The girls absolutely looked fabulous! I was so in love with all the different styles of dresses! Everyone ended the night with dancing, sparklers, and giving a helping hand on clean up because Chase and Kelsey was leaving for Hawaii the next morning! Thank you Chase and Kelsey for everything! You guys are such a sweet, laid back, and genuine people. I am wishing you the blessings in your marriage! See some of my favorites down below!


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