Hope Photography | Weddings

 I have shot lots of different things but there is just something I love about weddings. It may have something to do with the realness of emotion or capturing a moment. Knowing from experience (I'm a Mrs.) my wedding day was a crazy great blur that went by so fast. That is why wedding photography is so important. It helps remind you of that day for years to come and to show your next generations. I had about a year long engagement. I put so much time and work into all the details. After my wedding day most of them were gone but my pictures remained, like a little time capsule in history. I feel like I have been blessed with eyes that can sense detail. I see things that others might miss. Some call it OCD or perfectionism but I use it to my advantage, especially in photography. This comes of great importance when it comes to weddings. I have always been a fan of pretty things and at weddings there are plenty to find. Okay I'll shut up now I could talk forever on weddings. Here are a few of my favorites from past weddings.